Hello and Welcome to The Spiral Sonic Network!

The Sonic Fanon Network is a place where anyone can add there own sonic fan fiction and share it to the world. The Fan Fiction can range from fan games to characters and even storylines. In adition, each user can create there own reviews of canon or fanon as articles, and we will also have many tournaments across the year, which leads to the Fanon Awards where many fan works will compete for awards, such as best fanon character, most comedic story and the big daddy, Best work of the year. We hope you have fun here.

Disclamer: Articles may contain spoilers. Browse on your own risk.

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To create a article all you have to do is type the name of the page, click Contribute then you can start editing. Not sure how to edit then check Wikia's tutorial for some help. There's more stuff you can do to Expand the network. Like
  • Update our Out dated pages.
  • Adopt our Orphaned Pages.
  • Check our Wanted pages.
  • Upload videos or pictures to the network.
  • Discuss all about the featured articles.
  • edit pages and add in forgotten information.
Featured Article

Upcoming games

Super smash bros for the wii U and 3DS

For the first time ever in smash bros history there will be a returning third-party character, and that is Sonic the hedgehog. He is coming with a similar if not exactly same move set from brawl. Windy hill from sonic lost world is confirmed as well. Get exited for super smash bros for the wii u and 3ds.

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Special thanks to sonic news network who inspired the spiral sonic network to be created. You really should check it out. I or the spiral sonic network dosent own any rights over the sonic news network logo. Sonic news network (christmas) logo was created by the wiki.

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